Od: Niesha Abdulaziz <nieshasalam0812@gmail.com> Predmet: Important assistance
Sadržaj poruke: Assalamalekum,
I apologies for sending this email like this but Its important you reply,
My name is Niesha Al Salman Abdulaziz, daughter of H.E. (Shaikh AL Abdul married to Prince Sa'Id in Saudi Arabia. Am reaching you through this way because I might not get you by phone.
As a woman in Saudi Arabia, I am restricted in some ways as a woman. Even to do business is a problem and not easy for me, so I seek your assistance.
The money involved is very huge. As a foreigner it will be easy.
I will like to keep this brief until I hear from you, you can reach me on Nieshasalam0812@gmail.com or niesha@saudiroyalfamily.live
Have a nice day, Niesha Salman Abdulaziz
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By Vladan


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