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Sadržaj poruke: Hello Dearest , I would like to introduce myself for the first time. My name is Dennis Cruz, the personal lawyer of my late client Mr. Johann, He worked as a private businessman in the international field. In 2017 my client died of a serious heart attack. My client was single and childless. He left a fortune worth € 7,600,000.00 (seven million, six hundred thousand euros) held in a bank in Spain. The bank informed me that I had to introduce a beneficiary who was entitled to inherit. After several searches, I received no further helpful information about the relatives of my deceased client. This is why I wrote to you because you have the same last name. I need your consent and your cooperation to introduce you as the beneficiary.
All of my efforts to find relatives of my late client have been unsuccessful. As a result, I would suggest dividing the assets, you get 40% percent of the share and 40% percent would then be due to me. 20% percent will be donated to non-profit organizations. All necessary documents also contain the certificate of origin in order to avoid questions from the responsible bank. The requested documents that you need for the procedure are legal and notarized. The property does not contain any criminal origin. The procedure will be flawless without complications, the money transfer will be completed in accordance with the law. All I need from you is your trust and a good cooperation.
Please contact me on the private phone number: +1 9152293522 and email address: denniscruzlawfirm005@gmail.com info@denniscruzlawfirm.com
The proposed transaction is through legal remedies for your legal protection.
Dennis Cruz Esq. 8822 Mckinley Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90002 USA Tel:+19152293522 Fax: +17025495667
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